The idea behind PJ Trade Centre (PJTC) starts with the observation that office development in Malaysia, and generally in the region, is often not based on the optimal solution. The typical glass, steel and aluminium box is repeated over and over again, regardless of the local culture, climate, context and construction methods. There seems to be a need for all office developers to follow the same direction in order to gain credibility. The glass boxes get more and more complex, more and more uneconomical. It seems very difficult to change and do something different.

With PJTC, the idea was to offer a new paradigm for office development. It is based on the use of simple local materials and local construction methods to create an office development that is suited to the local culture, climate and context.

It is about using readily available resources to craft an office building that is appealing and distinctive. At the same time, the building should be environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient, minimizing the use of air-conditioning. It should stress simplicity and design economy, as well as have a strong connection to nature. It should also be low maintenance and be able to weather gracefully.

The aim of PJTC is to offer a new path for office development; one that is sensible and suitable, sustainable and responsible. This path is relevant for the majority of cities in the world, especially those in the under-developed and developing countries, where office rentals are comparatively low and construction budgets are constrained.

Through its success, PJTC has shown that office developments in these cities can flourish without copying the typical office glass box. Instead, with careful planning and skilful design, the offices can be more sustainable and responsible by being based on their local culture, climate, context and construction methods.

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